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Saturday Morning in Detroit 1985

YouTuber DARIAN has a great collection of 80s Saturday Morning videos. This one from Detroit is full of local commercials and great cartoons. Check out his YouTube Channel and subscribe if you like his content!

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The Top Secret Lego Vault

Every set ever made. I recognized more than my share of sets from my brother’s, cousin’s, friends’, and my collections.

[“Click Here To Read Article and Watch Video”:]

Add comment June 24th, 2008 by duane

The Christmas Wish Book

“X-Entertainment”: has a great article on the experience of waiting for that Sears (or JC Penny in the midwest) catalog to show up full of the year’s best toys. Usually sandwiched between the underwear and hand tools were the things dreams were made of. My brother (Christian), and I would negotiate which things we would each as for. You see, we would cut out the toys from the catalog and tape them to our wish list… since there was only one item per catalog, it was difficult to ask for the same thing. Usually, we would ask for complementary toys: He-Man for Christian and Skeletor for me. Be sure to check out the “X-Entertainment Article”:, it’s worth the read.

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